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User Sense

Making the digital world more human

At User Sense, we are passionate about transforming the world of UX research. Our mission is simple yet profound: to empower businesses and organizations to create exceptional user experiences through data-driven insights.

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Personal approach

We value a personal approach and have short ties with our customers. 


We value transparency and make sure this is reflected in our processes. 

Privacy first

We invest heavily in tester privacy and data security on our platform.

How it all started

Focus on Europe

Working as tester


It is December 2018 when Tim van der Gouwe first encounters user testing. From arranging a venue to getting the equipment ready and taking care of respondent recruitment. "Surely something this valuable could be done more efficiently?" was his thought.

After a consumer needs study, it became clear: remote UX research has potential and there is a big market for localizing UX Research in various non-English speaking markets in europe. 

Tim reached for the phone and called his former high school computer science teacher Frank Buijze. And that same evening they came to the conclusion: together we will embrace this challenge. 

After a long development period in which Frank spent evenings, weekends and school holidays building the foundation for User Sense, the time had finally come in June 2020: User Sense went live. And the rest is history.


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Building op local tester databases

We invest in building op local tester databases for all European markets. We have the strongest presence in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and Spain. However, we continue to invest in expanding our database. 

Localized and translated versions of our platform

In order to avoid any bias in our recruitment process, we invest in translating and localizing all of our content. In this way, we can make sure to build a representative database.  

Participation in local language

Where possible we ain to do research in the local language. In case of unmoderated sessions, this can be achieved by adding subtitles to the recordings. For moderated sessions or interviews, we can provide local researchers. 

Flexible working hours

Sign up as a tester with us with no strings attached. You decide for what studies you apply for and when you take part in the test. There is no minimum amount of tests you are required to do each month. 


Fair incentives

We make sure to pay fair incentives, which are paid straight into your bank account within two business days after completing the test. Our incentives range from €15 to €100,- per session, depending on session length. 

Secured environment and data storage

We value your privacy and have implemented measures to protect it. This means all sessions take place via our secured dashboard, that all data is stored in Europe and you can delete your account and records at any point in time.  

Help to improve websites and apps

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Looking for freelancers

We are actively looking to build up a network of freelancers in various European markets. At the moment, we are looking for German, French and Spanish-speaking freelancers. Please contact us to find out more. 

The team

An overview of some of our team members.


Tim van der Gouwe


Frank Buijze

UX Research

Cas Oosterveld

UX Research

Michelle Tjioe